Dear Sir,
This mail is just to express our gratitude for the excellent job Dr.Chandrashekhar and his team did for us. I underwent a “Total Hip Replacement Surgery” on 2nd Sept. 2014 and my wife “Knee Replacement Surgery” about four months back at your Hospital. Myself – excellent. I am walking on the road without a stck – almost after three years. I walk about a 4 kms a day in two instalments. People in the street look to me in awe – as they have been used to see me with a walking stick – that too limping.
Now they come and shake my hands. I always mention Dr.Chandrashekhar’s name and Sakra and tell them what a great Hospital Sakra is. I have seen very many hospitals in India and abroad. When once somebody gets into your premises, they would certainly feel that they are in an American Hospital!! It is no doubt a fact.
Our thanks are due to Dr.Chandrashekhar and to your Hospital.Thank you very much. It’s because of the treatment we had at your hospital, we are like this.
May God Bless you all.

G.K. Raman(husband and wife total knee and total hip replacement)

Dear Doctor,Things were not at all easy for me…..When I dived into the condition in 1992, the year in which I was caught in the cruel hands of a severe disease known as osteoarthritis I was not in a position to do any physical work cursing myself as well as to my family, which consisted of my husband and two little children. The disease initially confined to shoulder ache and arm ache, but gradually it extended to the whole body joints creating deformity in knees, fingers etc.
At outset, I consulted senior physician and started proscribed tablets and tonics etc. for quite some years. But could not find any concrete result and the condition get deteriorated day by day, creating side effect, I tried all the systems of medicines. some relief felt for some time and again the disease took its horrible size and length. Not only that I could walk, but it was becoming impossible to even move, stand up and down from the chair as well ad bed. For each and every matter I have to depend upon somebody in my family, because I was suffering from severe arthritis/osteoartherities and osteoporosis. I was totally bed rest for 15 months starting and so in a depression condition for no lifeline of recovery left for me to come out of it.

Suddenly I came to Bangalore where my son is working. We consulted Dr.Chandrashekhar P. (A famous orthopaedic surgeon at sakra world) where doc examined me thoroughly and advice me not to be panic. Though underweight I was mentally strong sand hopeful for better and healthy life in future. Dr and his team were very motivating and positive.

Dr. Chandrashekhar P. operated/replaced both deformed knees on the same day- the golden i.e. 16th may 2014 proved to be life changing for my life luckily. After 10 day I was discharged from the hospital but under strict observation and very well treatment by Sakra Hospital. After doing physiotherapy for stipulated time, now I absolutely alright, easily doing all my routine work and can walk at a stretch for 1-2 kms. I travelled long also after the surgery without any difficulty and help. Everyone saw me before and after the surgery shocked and surprise.

So Dr Chandrashekhar P and sakra World Hospital gave me ” A new Life ” and I am very much inspired by the service rendered to me. so 1000 salute to Dr Chandrashekhar and Sakra Hopsipal for advising, guiding and motivating me.

Ketki C. Kanasara

I was suffering from knee (leg) pain for the past one and half years, cannot say in words how the pain was ? I was not able to lay down, turning in bed from side to side and not able to stand for more than 5 minutes (am not joking).
Today after the operation am able to do stand for more than hour.
We came to know about this Dr chandrashekar.P and as he promised we agreed to this operation in the month of April, today I came for check up I am able to do everything and am greatly satisfied with the great service of dr Chandrashekar.P. To me He is God. Things which were impossible to me are possible. It looks like a miracle and am extremely satisfied with Dr Chandrashekar.P for this improvement and quality of life now.

( Underwent I Assist with Persona Knee)

Dear Doctor,I offer my heartfelt thanks for the treatment and care my father [ Mr Ramanaiah ] received under your careful supervision. He had a speedy recovery, the complete credit for which goes to you. I am pleased to inform you that my father is doing well. My family and I are grateful to you.The day we hospitalized my father is unforgettable as he was almost on bed where he couldn’t sit, stand and was totally unable even to lay down. We were so worried what could be his situation, but with your arrival and kind words gave more strength and confident to my father. We never expected that he has to undergo knee replacement surgery which scared us lot but you explained us in detail about the situation and the treatment process. He was 72 years old which made us to worry more about 2 knee replacement surgery at a time and on other hand side family members were suggesting that it is risky decision but you assured that all would go well which ultimately made my father today to be on his own and restart his normal life back without any hurdles.The more special about you is that you put yourself into patient shoes and measure their problem which makes you to analyse exact issue and understand the pain there are suffering. My Father had pleasant experience at your care. He was very impressed the way you had treated my father with most respect. You gave all assurance, careful monitoring and treatment that we found relief. We are truly fortunate that you were Dad’s Doctor. You gave him excellent and compassionate care and treated him with dignity and addressed each of his or our concerns.You were really nice & helpful and always you took time and made us feel comfortable. You will forever be remembered.

Lakshmikantha & Family.(Both Knee replacement same sitting from Bangalore 72 years of age )

Good morning, I am Saraswathi shivashankar , I am pleased to brief my experience of my knee replacement at Sakra hospital Bangalore done by Dr Chandrashekar on 8th march 2014.I was operated for both my legs on the same day , many people suggested that I shoul get only one leg at a time and after few days the other but I took the advise of my doctor Chandrashekar and went for both at a time. It was painful for some time and I have trobled the doctor but he had all the patience to hear me and treat me and convince me
I am so happy to day that nobody believes that I have undergone knee replacement for both legs.
I do not know how express my thanks to the whole team of doctors and staff at Sakra hospital
It has given me anew life.
I have the greatest appreciation and regards for the wonderful experience with miracle man Dr Chandrashekar and if what I am to day it is only because of him .
I also thank my spiritual Guruji and Mathaji who also helped during that period.

Saraswathi Shivshankar( both knee replacement in same sitting)

Dear Dr. Chandrasekar,

I would like to convey my thanks and deep sense of appreciation for the fantastic work that you and your team did when my mom underwent hip joint replacement, recently. I made a right decision of getting my mom all the way from Himachal Pradesh to Sakra Hospital and getting the surgery done from you. The entire ortho team including Dr. Banarji, Dr, Adarsh, Dr. Nataraj and other folks whose names I don’t know but were working behind the scenes to make our experience worth remembering, do deserve a special mention and big thanks.
I wish you and your team all the very best. Please keep on doing the good work.

Bhuvnesh(Total Hip Replacement)

Dear Dr.chandra shekar sir, I am Dr.vasu a junior orthopaedician, my mother was suffering from bilateral osteoarthritis knee joint.which made her to chronic bedridden and difficult to do daily activities for many years…I have consultated many orthopaedicians through out India for knee replacement,but no one was ready to take risk.all of them advised for conservative management…at last we got your appointment in sakra hospital.initially my mother was refused for surgery,the way u talked with her and convenienced for surgery was nice ..during post op days also the care given by u and your team was wonderful .Now she can walk 2-3 km everyday and she can do her daily activities without anyone’s assist.all these happened because of u sir..I am heartly thankful to you and Sakra hospital

(Puttarathnamma-both knee replacement,Mysore)

I have had the best experience at Sakra World Hospital. I had bilateral Total Knee Replacement 15 days ago and I must say it truly lived up to its World class name. The doctor P Chandrashekar was a magician, the nurses caring and the infrastructure excellent. Post operative physio sessions, which are very important in such surgeries was also superb. I had done extensive research, comparing hospital costs and implant costs and Sakra’s rates were reasonable. I would recommend the Hospital, and the surgeon to anyone looking for TKR.

(Regina Vasudvan ,single stage both knee replacement same sitting,Bangalore)

Dear Doctor,I have never been able to express my gratitude for the treatment I received at your hands in 2013. You had literally made me to stand on my own. I know it is too late to Thank You, but expressing our feelings while experiencing the fruitful out of all difficult times would be more joyous. I will never forget what you mean to me and what you did for me. My family and I were at a loss and was searching for the lost, I did not know how much more pain I would be able to take and who would be able to reconstruct me. All I wanted to do is feel “normal”. In fact I was in search of surgeon who can help me but unfortunately I didn’t get anyone in India and finally my family and I had planned our journey to U.S. The great twist had taken place when my father had suddenly put down due to severe knee pain.
I remember the first visit. We met as strangers in the Fortis Hospital during my Father hospitalization. You were highly recommended and I thought to myself, how a doctor with high recommendations could take on such a nightmare! I entered your office doors for my father treatment discussion but I got the way for my long awaiting treatment. For that first time in a long time, I saw HOPE and it was in your eyes. At that time I realized that I was 27 and my life wasn’t over and I can still fight again for the lost one.
Throughout 8 months of treatment, you made me see the light at the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me and my husband during my stay in hospital, with all my questions! Post Surgery I look back and feel silly for being so nervous. I sincerely thank you for making me feel at home, when I felt uncomfortable in the hospital environment. I don’t have words to express my appreciation for your services.
I got exactly what I wanted out of this and would recommend you to anyone. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for you. You are not just an amazing surgeon, but an amazing person as well.
Finally, Thank you so much for making me look great and, feel great to start off 2015!!!

Lakshmikantha R.

I would like to thank Dr Chandrashekar.P sir at Sakra World Hospital because I got my life back as normal as i underwent surgery in the right knee for Ligament Injury.Now am 100% alright.He is very friendly and motivating and explains about my injury to my knowledge clearly.Dr Chandrashekar s approach is very nice and hospital environment is very good. Totally on behalf of my family and friends I am thanking Dr Chandrashekar life. long.

Karthik(Underwent Arthroscopic Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction).

Dear sir,am basavaraju aged 47 years from Mandya and I was suffering from severe knee pain and not able to perform normal activities because of pain and I showed it many hospitals around the state and I didn’t get right treatment as I was suffering from moderate arthritis so I was either asked to do go for knee replacement or wait until it becomes severe as I was young for major operations,so I contacted you in sakra world Hospital and you explained me in detail about the disease ostoarthritis and how to tackle my problem since I was young and my arthritis condition was not very severe and I am happy today that I undertook knee resurfacing surgery and I can do all activities which I was not doing before, I thank you a lot for giving me new life.

(Basavaraju,47 year old Underwent knee Resurfacing surgery from Mandya)

Dear Dr. Chandrashekar
A big thank you to start with for giving new life to my mother, we are really grateful to you. She is now being able to walk and climb stairs, we took her out to pay visit to a temple.Once again thanks to you and the entire team for supporting us. I am also send her video of walking,
Looking forward to your continuous support.

Raja Sadhukan(Mother underwent both knee replacement from Kolkatta,West Bengal.India)

Hi,I am Padma 65 years old from Nanjungud ,Mysore and I had severe pain in my both knees for 8-10 years and I was diagnosed as very severe osteoarthritis and I came to Bangalore after seeing an interview in television of Dr Chandrashekar.P and I consulte him.He explained me with lot of patience for the need of surgery as I was reluctant to make a decision for surgery and I underwent both knee replacement (A gap of 5 days between two knee) and today I am able to conduct all daily activites without pain in my knees and I thank Dr.Chandrashekar.P and After having knee replacement surgery done successfully on both my knees, I can confidently suggest this procedure to people with knee joint problems.


I,Biblab have come from Kolkata from Bangalore for treatment of my leg,after meeting dr chandrashekar.P I felt very happy the way he treated me and I have never met a doctor in my life who takes cares so much and I also i like the operation theatre,after I reach WestBengal I will surely spread this good news,……Thank You so Much Doctor,Have A Long Life.

Biplab Kumar Bandu, Burdwan, Westbengal (Underwent Knee Arthroscopy)

I am Gopalkrishnan(63 years) from Coimbatore,Bangalore and I had severe knee pain in my left knee and underwent my left knee replacement done by Dr Chandrashekar.P,I Thank him for the excellent surgery and I am happy as I can do all activities.

Gopalkrishnan, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu (ONE SIDE TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT)

I am Laxman from mallavali,Mysore. I was Diagnosed of avascular necrosis of the head of the right femur in 2005. As a result I went through so much pain and discomfort. The doctor recommended a surgery (total hip replacement) to correct the abnormality. I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery and have returned to an active lifestyle with no residual pain or discomfort whatsoever Now I do all my work normally and I walk witout pain and I whole heartedly thanks to Dr Chandrashekar.P.

Laxman, Mallavli, Mysore (uncemeneted Total Hip Replacement )

Hi,I am Rohini from arsikere,Hassan and I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from a very young age and I had my right knee affeceted very badly because of the disease and my knee was bent for nearly 30 degrees and had severe pain and was limping and I consulted Dr chandrashekar.P.I was very impressed with the way he explained about the nature of my knee condition and I decided for surgery.I underwent my right knee replacement and my knee is straight and I am walking with no limping,I thank Dr Chandrashekar.P and also thank his team of physiotherapists.

Rohini, Arsikere, Hassan(Total knee replacement For Severe Rhumatoid Arthritis at 32 years age)

Hi,I am ningamma from Bangalore and had both my knees replacement done by Dr Chandrashekar.P and I thank him for giving me pain free knee joint.

Ningamma, Bangalore(Dt)

I am susheelma from Bangalore aged 68 years and I went underwent total knee replacement on my left knee ,I was having BP Diabetes ,I had lot of fear for surgery,my fear was eased by Dr Chandrshekar.P and cardiologist,physician and anaesthetist and now I am happy to have a pain free knee.I thank Dr Chnadrashekar.P.

Susheelema, Banaglore (single knee replacement)

I am muthyallama from Bangalore,I had severe pain in left hip due to a loose prosthesis and I underwent total hip replacement from Dr Chandrashekar.P.Post surgery I walk with no pain and I thank Dr Chandrashekar.P for his excellent surgery.

Mutyallama, Banagalore (Underwent Revision cemented Total hip Replacemnent)

Hi,I am mallehali from Haveri and I had severe shoulder pain and I couldn’t move my shoulder and it was tough for me to do any activities using my left shoulder and I consulted Dr Chandrashekar.P who suggested me that I have frozen shoulder and adviced shoulder arthroscopy surgery and after surgery now I do all my activites with left shoulder which is not only pain free but also I can move ahoulder freely and I do all my routine activites.

Mallehali, Haveri, Karnataka (Underwent arthroscopic capsular release of left shoulder)

Hi I am Jayshakti from Erode,I had severe pain in my Right shoulder and I consulted Dr Chandrashekar.P who not also diagnosed my shoulder problem but also adviced me to undergo shoulder arthroscopy surgery,now I am pain free and I thank him.

Jayshakthi, Erode, Tamil Nadu (Underwent arthroscopic subacromial decompression)

Hi I am Shoben Kumar from Bangalore and I had severe pain and difficulty using my left knee as a result of fall and I was diagnosed as Left Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear and after consultation with Dr Chandrashekar.P and I WENT Arthroscopic surgery to my left knee for ligament reconstruction,I was happy with his surgical expertise.

Shoben Kumar, Bangalore (Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction)

Hi,I am kishore 19 years from nalamangala and my left knee was bent outward and was impossible to walk and I re of the consulted Dr Chandrashekar.P and he explained me about the nature of the deformity I had,I was happy with the way he explained me about my knee condition and I underwent surgery for that and now am happy to see my knee is straight and I thank him.

Kishore, Nalamangala. (Underwent supracondylar varus osteotomy for his Genu Valgum

Hi,I am parvathi from Bangalore aged 54 years and had severe osteoarthritis of both knees and I could hardly walk for 20-30 metres and was finding it extremely hard to conduct my daily routine and I consulted Dr Chandrshekar.P and a decision of single stage both knee replacement surgery was done. Dr. Chandrashekar.P in my view, is an excellent surgeon. He visited me in the hospital every day, answered all my questions and made sure that I followed the after-surgery exercise program correctly.Now,I can walk without pain and attend to all my needs.I suggest the experteise of Dr Chandrashekar.P for those who are considering joint replacement surgeries.

Paravthi, Bangalore (One Stage Both Knee Replacement)